Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog on the 21 Day Fix. When I was first starting with this program, I would read stories of people who transformed their lives with this program. These stories showed me that if I put in the work, I could change my life for the better. Today I want to share 10 people who have inspirational fitness journeys.

1. Sarah’s Story

  • Sarah knew she needed to change when she couldn’t get on the floor to play with her children. She knew that her kids deserved a healthier, more energetic mom. With the 21 Day Fix, Sarah enjoyed the simplicity of the program. She is now much happier. Sarah is an inspiration to her family.

2. Kim’s Story

  • In the summer of 2017, Kim’s twins looked at her with tears in her eyes when she could not fit on a ride with them at the boardwalk. After her transformation, Kim feels confident and optimistic as she now is a role model for her kids.

3. Lori’s Story

  • Lori almost called in sick the day that her office had to take headshots. She is now proud of the relationship that she has developed with food. Lori is now in the best shape of her life.

4. Joseph’s Story

  • After retiring, Joseph lived a sedentary lifestyle. His wife inspired him to make a change through her dedication to the 21 Day Fix. Now, Joseph says that he hasn’t looked this good since middle school!

5. Kara’s Story

  • Kara says that over the past 3 years, she has worked out at 5:30 am. Her morning routine has become one that she loves. Kara notes that mental change is just as drastic as physical change.

6. Hayley’s Story

  • Hayley lost 10 pant sizes and she is no longer winded doing everyday activities. Being in Beachbody groups helped motivate her throughout her fitness journey.

7. Martha’s Story

  • When Martha began the 21 Day Fix, she noticed she had an incredible boost of energy. She loves how the workouts are only 30 minutes long and she wants to continue parts of this program for the rest of her life.

8. Kim B’s Story

  • Before 21 Day Fix, Kim felt guilty for her lack of self-control. This program helped Kim learn that food is fuel for function, not relief for emotions.

9. Kiley’s Story

  • Kiley had always been an athlete and ate fairly healthy. After getting diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Kiley gained weight and lost all her energy. The 21 Day Fix helped Kiley get back on track.

10. Ryan’s Story

  • Ryan had always been in great cardiovascular shape. He completed 10 marathons and an ironman. Despite this, he always felt tired. Before the 21 Day Fix, he ate poorly and never lifted weights. Ryan now has more muscle definition and his energy, sleep, and mood have improved.


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