• Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog on the 21 Day Fix. It is so crazy that we have been social distancing for over a month now. Public gyms have been closed for quite some time, and people have had to change their fitness routines. On my social media, I see people doing workout videos from YouTube which is awesome! I can personally attribute my sanity during this quarantine to the 21 Day Fix workout videos. These workouts release endorphins and help me sleep better. I hope that during this quarantine, people learn that they have the power to make their home into their new gym.
  • My friend Lauren created a blog that helps people make the most out of their quarantine lifestyle. She has so many helpful tips that help others stay entertained while they are indoors. Earlier this month, Lauren blogged about working out in your apartment without bothering your neighbors. I love this post because it can help out anyone that wants to do 21 Day Fix videos! Lauren is quarantined in NYC and has done workout videos in her apartment. She knows that you can make your home into your new gym. Even if it’s the size of a shoebox!  🙂

Creating Your Gym Space at Home

  • I am quarantined at my childhood home in Pennsylvania, so I have a bit more space to create my at-home gym. I usually work out in my basement because there are a lot of mirrors. Having a mirror helps you make sure your form is correct. Whenever I workout in the basement, I set up my workout videos on my phone. The Beachbody on Demand App lets you stream workouts from any location.
  • Streaming workouts from a TV makes it feel like there are personal trainers in your own home. The other day, I did this in my living room and it was such a great experience. I just had to push aside some furniture and bring out my yoga mat.
  • Most of the 21 Day Fix workouts require weights. All you need to make your home into your new gym is two sets of weights. I like to use a 15-pound set and a 10-pound set. If you invest in some simple equipment, you can save a lot of money in the long run without having to get a gym membership or go to as many workout classes. I also like to have a resistance band and resistance loops for my at-home gym.
  • It is great to get family members involved in your at-home gym! Throughout most of this quarantine, my brother and I have worked out together. Although he doesn’t do the 21 Day Fix videos, having him in the at-home gym at the same time makes it such a cool experience. He likes to play loud music, while I follow along with my videos with my AirPods. Working out together creates such a motivational atmosphere.

All you need to do to make your home into your new gym is to make some space to get your move on! Before starting a video or your workout, get some water and a towel. I think it is awesome that anyone can accomplish their goals at home. Once again, check out Lauren’s blog for some great quarantine tips 🙂

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