Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog on the 21 Day Fix. Today I finished the first week of 21 Day Fix Extreme. On Day 1, I created a tracker for my 21 Day Fix containers and my workouts. Having a tracker provides so much accountability. I fill out my tracker when I complete a workout and when I have a meal. If you use a tracker, you are more likely to finish a complete round of the 21 Day Fix. In this post, I created a template for a 21 Day Fix tracker that you can download. This tracker is for Plan A. Comment below if you want me to create a personalized tracker for your plan!

Template Download: Plan A

  • Above you will see a download for an example of a 21 Day Fix Tracker. Each morning, I weigh myself and record it in my tracker. By the end of the day, my tracker is filled with all of the food that I eat and the workout that I completed. You can fill in this tracker or modify it in any way that will help you accomplish your goals! It is great to receive accountability from a group. Using a tracker allows you to hold yourself accountable throughout the day. Here’s an example from one of my days this week!
  • By the end of the day, I cross out my containers as long as I got them all in. This motivates me to time out my meals throughout the day. It is satisfying to see that I got in all of my containers. Whether you are tracking each day on paper, through an app, or my template, it is so important to hold yourself accountable. Please reach out if you have any questions. I am excited to continue this fitness journey with you all! 🙂


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