Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog on the 21 Day Fix. Today I am on day 11 of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am so excited to share this new recipe that I tried out today called “zoodles.” Normally when I’m in the mood for pasta, I’d grab a blue box that says “Barilla” on it, but not today! Instead, I decided to make spaghetti zucchini noodles! Luckily, I was able to borrow my mom’s insta-zoodle maker. This zoodler is actually called a spiralizer, and ranges anywhere from $10-$40 on Amazon, depending on your budget. Today was my first time using it, and I was so impressed. Making zoodles is a great healthy alternative! It’s perfect for the 21 Day Fix.

The Recipe:

  1. Ingredients: 2 zucchini squash, 1 red container of chicken breast, 1 red onion, 1 blue container of mozzarella, salt, pepper, and olive oil
  2. Use your spiral machine to make the zucchini into noodles. Once done, pat your noodles with a paper towel to get any moisture off of them. This will prevent water from building up as you cook them.
  3. Next, heat a teaspoon of olive oil in a pan. Chop up one small red onion and toss it in with the olive oil. Cook the onion for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add in your zucchini noodles and cooked chicken breast to the pan. Drizzle another teaspoon of olive oil on your onion, zoodles, and chicken.
  5. Mix everything together and let it cook for another 4-5 minutes. Once everything is cooked and seasoned to your liking, add your blue container of mozzarella cheese.
  6. Stir together until the cheese is fully melted.
  7. Put your dish into a cute bowl and enjoy 🙂

A TikTok that I made of this recipe:


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